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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Black and White

Hi girls,
  I brought back the leather leggings for an appearance. ;)  You all know I love my leather leggings and the versatility and edge they can give any look.  I recently wore this out for a date night and I really like that the leggings dress it up a bit.  This white shirt is one of my new favorites that I wear quite a bit.  I can tuck the front in to jeans and let it flow in the back or wear it long over my leggings like this.  It gives a sense of effortless chic to any look and I really like it.  Once again, don't forget to check out Morgan's etsy shop here to check out her adorable purses and clutches.  I am in love with this white clutch and I use it all the time.
 I posted some links to some leather leggings, a blouse and some shoes below.  The shoes I am wearing a pretty old and are originally from H&M.  Happy Thursday!

And here are the links:



Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Casual

Hey everyone,
  I don't know about you, but we have been loving the warmer, sunny weather that we have been having!  I know it's too early to hope for spring but man, I really am and I just know that I'll be disappointed with a huge snow storm soon (this is Colorado after all) ;).  Of course we had to take the kids to the park this weekend (and we even got ice cream on one of the nice days - totally made me ready for summer) and we had a good time playing with them.  Simon just loves to ride his bike around everywhere and it's so fun.  I love watching him have such a good time.  Anyways, this Mommy-friendly look is super comfy and cute - it's a definite go-to for me.  I tend to wear it a lot (if you have been around me at all you will probably recognize it ha ha).  These jeans are my absolute favorite right now - super comfy and slimming while being easy to dress up or down.  I may have to go back for another pair.  They are totally worth every cent.

Pants: Nordstrom - Topshop

Shoes:  (old, here's similar)

Shirt: (old, here's similar)

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Exploring Miami

Hey girls,
  One of the first nice days in Miami we decided to take the bus and ride around some.  We grabbed Starbucks and then checked out the beach (it was super windy so was not an ideal day for the beach but we wanted to see it nonetheless).  Because my hair is so light, I had to wear a hat most of the time to keep it from turning totally yellow in the sun.  That was not a problem for me because I absolutely love this hat - it is my new favorite accessory.  I'm honestly wondering why I waited so long to try one!  It was, however, hard to get a decent picture because I was fighting the wind.  ;)
Anyways, I highly recommend this hat - it is super cute, stays on well and is the perfect fix for a bad hair day (or dirty hair day!).  It also will be my new staple this summer at the pool.  Hats are the best way to protect your hair and face from sun damage plus they are just the cutest pool accessory.  I hope you are all having a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!  I know that I am ready for sure.  Oh and Go Broncos!  =)

Someone wanted to be with me ;)

I put a couple links to several hats below that I think are super fun.  Happy shopping!        


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Traveling with Hats

Hey girls,
  I was asked recently if I had any tips regarding packing hats and while I do not consider myself an expert, I have traveled with some hats and figured I could share what I do.  Honestly, I would love to hear tips from others because this is something I've just kind of had to figure out on my own and I am sure there are things that I have not thought of that would be super helpful.  Feel free to sound off below.  =)

  Basically I start with packing most of my bag - shoes, clothes etc, leaving some of my toiletries and hat for last.  As I am packing, I consciously make a little "nest" if you will, leaving space for my hat (for the top part).

It was hard to see in the picture but where the pink skirt is is where there is a hole left.  

I then place my hat, top side down in the bag:

I make sure that it's not squashed at all but is in there comfortably.  Lastly, I usually throw my makeup bags into my hat just to use the space and because it kind of cushions my makeup.

So there you have it, my super complicated and insightful tips for packing a hat.  ;)

I hope that helps,


Friday, January 29, 2016

Miami Beach and Black Fringe

We had a good few days in Miami and even though the weather wasn't the best, we did have a couple days at the beach.  Of course our last full day was the best day weather wise (isn't that always how it goes??) so we spent it at the beach after grabbing lunch on the strip.  Overall, it was good to get away and have time together as a family.  Simon absolutely loves the beach and so he was so excited to be going there.  Scarlett had a hard time being away from her own bed which meant that we were all exhausted coming home ha ha.  She is a definite homebody - so different from Simon for sure.

  I managed to find this adorable swimsuit on and I wanted to share it with you girls.  I know how hard it is to find cute, modest swim suits now days.  One pieces have been making a big comeback but I had not purchased one in years as it's almost impossible to find one that fits well and is cute and modest.  I posted a couple pics with  me wearing it.  The lighting makes it hard to see the fringe on the top so I'll post a link to the website/suit too.

The view of the bay from the end of the complex that we stayed in

Lunch on the balcony of the apartment we stayed in

Swimming lesson with Daddy

Enjoying the hot tub in the rain

Lunch on the strip

When you don't have a highchair, you improvise =)

Here is the link to the suit: