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Friday, February 5, 2016

Exploring Miami

Hey girls,
  One of the first nice days in Miami we decided to take the bus and ride around some.  We grabbed Starbucks and then checked out the beach (it was super windy so was not an ideal day for the beach but we wanted to see it nonetheless).  Because my hair is so light, I had to wear a hat most of the time to keep it from turning totally yellow in the sun.  That was not a problem for me because I absolutely love this hat - it is my new favorite accessory.  I'm honestly wondering why I waited so long to try one!  It was, however, hard to get a decent picture because I was fighting the wind.  ;)
Anyways, I highly recommend this hat - it is super cute, stays on well and is the perfect fix for a bad hair day (or dirty hair day!).  It also will be my new staple this summer at the pool.  Hats are the best way to protect your hair and face from sun damage plus they are just the cutest pool accessory.  I hope you are all having a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!  I know that I am ready for sure.  Oh and Go Broncos!  =)

Someone wanted to be with me ;)

I put a couple links to several hats below that I think are super fun.  Happy shopping!        


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