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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"At Home" Eyelash Extensions

I have tried lots of different forms of eyelash extensions.  Eyelashes are something I'm kind of obsessed with so I love to try new things with them.  When I paid for actual extensions I didn't love them.  I'm not sure if it's because I tried to go the cheaper route and didn't get the right place to do them or if it's because I'm hard on my eyelashes but either way they seemed to get bent all wrong and annoyed me for various reasons.  I found that they would itch my eyes some and as they grew out they would rip out my own eyelashes which horrified me.  It just wasn't worth the money. 

Next I tried doing my own.  I bought the individual lashes and glue and would put them on.  Those I liked better because I could do them whenever I wanted and how I wanted.  I found that I could put on some and they would last about a week before I had to touch them up again.  I am such a perfectionist that I probably re-did them too often and once again, they would rip my eyelashes out when I took them off. 

I began to look for another solution (since now my eyelashes looked even worse than before) because I was pregnant and knew that I wouldn't have time as a Mom to keep up my eyelashes.  I wanted naturally long and thick lashes that could look great weather I had mascara on or not.  I googled celebrities and what they said they did for their lashes.  I took what the Kardashians admitted to using and figured I'd give it a try.  It was expensive but if it worked and lasted as long as it's reviews said it did, then it was way cheaper than extensions.

Enter:  Revitalash. 

This stuff is my biggest beauty secret to date.  It is amazeballs.  I cannot even tell you how much I love this stuff.  It truly, truly works.  My eyelashes are so long, thick and dark now that I don't mind not wearing maskara.  Of course, if I'm wearing makeup I do wear some but now I still feel feminine and like I have a little "something something" even without makeup.  I have so many people ask me where I got my extensions or are those really my lashes?  I just smile and say, "why yes, those are my actual eyelashes." 

I have purchased this on or on  The bigger bottle is a little more pricey (around $80 I think?) but will last you for months! (at least 6 months I'd say?)  Find it here. 

It is so easy to use - I just put some on in the morning after I have moisturized and voila, my lashes grow on their own. 

This is my lashes without makeup:

And here with makeup:

With Mascara

With Mascara

See??  Amazing!  If you can save for it - totally do it!  It is so worth it!

Let me know if you guys have any questions!!



  1. I am amazed at those lashes!! Wowsa girl!
    :) Even without mascara.. that is so impressive!
    I might check this out ;)