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Friday, January 29, 2016

Miami Beach and Black Fringe

We had a good few days in Miami and even though the weather wasn't the best, we did have a couple days at the beach.  Of course our last full day was the best day weather wise (isn't that always how it goes??) so we spent it at the beach after grabbing lunch on the strip.  Overall, it was good to get away and have time together as a family.  Simon absolutely loves the beach and so he was so excited to be going there.  Scarlett had a hard time being away from her own bed which meant that we were all exhausted coming home ha ha.  She is a definite homebody - so different from Simon for sure.

  I managed to find this adorable swimsuit on and I wanted to share it with you girls.  I know how hard it is to find cute, modest swim suits now days.  One pieces have been making a big comeback but I had not purchased one in years as it's almost impossible to find one that fits well and is cute and modest.  I posted a couple pics with  me wearing it.  The lighting makes it hard to see the fringe on the top so I'll post a link to the website/suit too.

The view of the bay from the end of the complex that we stayed in

Lunch on the balcony of the apartment we stayed in

Swimming lesson with Daddy

Enjoying the hot tub in the rain

Lunch on the strip

When you don't have a highchair, you improvise =)

Here is the link to the suit:


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